[ubuntu] epson workforce 610 wireless scanning

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http://ubuntuforums.org – I have read quite a bit about the difficulty of getting epson printer/scanners to work with Linux. My printer worked out of the box with Ubuntu 9.10. The scanner setup was another story. Suffice it to say I learned a good deal about my new OS trying to get my scanner to work wirelessly. Xsane just didn't work for wireless devices, even after mucking around in a lot of files (config, saned, inetd etc.). So I downloaded iscan from synaptics package manager. This didn't work either. I gathered from the Sane project that it would with the iscan-network-nt plugin, from Avasys, a Japanese software company. The Nabble forum stated that the workforce 610, among other scanners, would work with iscan and work wirelessly with the plugin. The problem is that there is no clear direction to the software, and that once you get to Avasys, many of the models that are said to be supported, by Avasys and by the Sane folks, have no links for iscan or for said network plugin. In fact, there is no link or download for the plugin anywhere on the site. I did finally find a link on google to the iscan-network-nt plugin here:http://linux.avasys.jp/drivers/scann...1.0-2_i386.deb Lo and behold, it scans wirelessly now without a hitch. It seems that most Epson scanners, printers and all-in-ones are now supported via wireless with the iscan application and the network plugin, which for some reason, does not come bundled with the iscan program (maybe b/c it's very beta at this point). Finally, you have to go into the file etc/sane.d/epkowa.conf and uncomment (remove the # sign) one of the last lines at the bottom of the page that begins with #net. and add the network address of your device so that it reads, for example: net On the 610 you can get this info by going to the menu on the front of the printer, selecting "setup," then "confirm network setting." At the bottom the IP address of your printer/scanner is listed. You can also print a status sheet from here by hitting the "start" button. This is full of info, like your IP address, device i.d., workgroup name, port in use and so on. It can come in handy. Put the IP address from here into the epkowa.conf file and save it. You will need privileges to do so, of course. I did not need to change anything in the inet.d file, the sane.d file or any others, as was mentioned in much of the Xsane help. I hope this is useful to someone. It was actually a very good way to start to learn using Linux. BTW, the epson website doesn't even mention Linux on their website, much less tell you that image scan (iscan) is an available software support option, which means you have to go look for yourself, which can be a very tedious process. There is a PDF out on the web written by Epson describing how to get their scanners working with Image Scan. It is however, a very convoluted and complicated 26 page document requiring many steps, and facility with the command line. I did not find you needed to manipulate all the files they listed, in particular, the inetd file. Regardless, the company seems to have little interest in the Linux user, probably because of customer support issues they cannot defer to a third-party software vendor. Understandable, but I would suggest using a different manufacturer given the choice. Too bad, they otherwise offer excellent value. Good Luck (HowTos)