[ubuntu] DVD drive not working

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hi gang. Noob with questoins here. I have been doing extensive searching on these forums to solve my issue. I can do certain things with my DVD drive currently, but not mount. I have found postings that have solved this issue for some and not others. So far I am in the "others" category. Before I start posting my Fstabs and such (I am still getting used to commands) I want to list a little of what is going on. 1.) I can use the Eject command and eject the drive through the terminal 2.) I can get a no Mount point error 3.) I have run a command or two to audit my system, and my drive does show up in the command. I guess my initial queston is this: Does it matter if the drive is set to cable select, slave or master? I am only using one drive, and one hard drive. Does the Master/Slave/CS matter at all? I believe I am set to Cable select. I KNOW this drive is not broken. It is new and I installed Ubuntu with it. When in Ubuntu, however, can't read an instered disk. Yes I have tried a few different disks. Thanks! I am sure this is my first of many posts. (Hardware)