[ubuntu] diff command gives a weird/unusual output

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hello, I wanted to compare two folders to see if all files copied were indeed identical and i got this weird output: ======================================= Dave@Dave-CMP ~/test $ diff -r /cygdrive/f/Imp/ /cygdrive/g/Imp/ > diffImp [1]- Done diff -r /cygdrive/f/Imp/ /cygdrive/g/Imp/ > diffImp [2]+ Done diff -r /cygdrive/f/Imp/ /cygdrive/g/Imp/ > diffImp ======================================= And the output file 'diffImp' was empty. But my question is, what were those two lines that came up in the terminal? Also, how come tha (Hardware)