Ubuntu Customization Kit exits with mount error

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http://askubuntu.com – Build (/usr/bin/uck-gui --wait-before-exit) started at 2012-01-12 03:12:55 Ubuntu Customization Kit 2.4.4 on Ubuntu 11.10, 3.0.0-14-generic i686 Starting CD remastering on Thu Jan 12 03:13:31 EST 2012 Customization dir=/home/shogunvsamurai/tmp/customization-scripts Mounting ISO image... mount: warning: /home/shogunvsamurai/tmp/remaster-iso-mount seems to be mounted read-only. Unpacking ISO image... Unmounting ISO image... Mounting SquashFS image... /home/shogunvsamurai/tmp/remaster-iso/casper/filesystem.squashfs: No such file or directory Cannot mo (HowTos)