[ubuntu] Cloneing vs External Drive

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hello All I have an external 1TB NTFS drive in a case which I seldom use. I have an HP Widows 7 with a 500GB drive which is about 65% filled. I was going to clone the old 500GB to the new 1TB drive, install it into the HP. and install Ubuntu 13.04 as a Dual Boot. Here's my question: 1. Instead of all that, why can't I just keep the 1TB as an external (hooked up via eSATA), install 13.04 to the external, therefore keeping my 500GB inside the HP? 2. Won't Ubuntu recognize the external drive and ask if I want to load the OS on that drive; thereby; running along side Windows in the HP? 3. If (Hardware)