[ubuntu] Can't log in to Unity 3D

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http://ubuntuforums.org – I have recently been unable to login to Ubuntu in Unity 3D mode. I can log into Unity 2D mode without problems. When the problem first started, I checked the log files, and found this in my syslog file around the time I tried to log in: Code: Oct 28 17:09:14 beast kernel: [  202.447509] show_signal_msg: 39 callbacks suppressed Oct 28 17:09:14 beast kernel: [  202.447512] compiz[1939]: segfault at 0 ip          (null) sp 00007fff049bbe88 error 14 in compiz[400000+c000] Oct 28 17:09:23 beast gnome-session[1873]: WARNING: Application 'compiz.deskto (Hardware)