[ubuntu] Cannot create array on Adaptec RAID card

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hi all, I am trying to install Hardy server on my whitebox machine, but can't get that far because I cannot create the RAID array I need. I have a new Adaptec 2410SA hardware RAID card with two new Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB drives connected to it. In the Adaptec RAID manager I initialize the drives, then create a 1TB RAID1 array, at which point it begins a "clear" operation. It gets to about 13%, then fails and leaves the array with a status of IMPACTED. From reading the Adaptec site, this status means that the clear/build operation did not complete successfully (but doesn't say what the cause could be). Given that it always fails at around 13% I thought it may be a defective disk, but have run the Samsung drive test utility in full surface scan mode on both disks and they are good. What is also odd is that if I create two 500GB volumes instead, the first fails but the second does not. Likewise if I create four 250GB volumes instead, the first fails but the other three do not. It is almost as if there is a problem around the 130GB point on the disk(s) which causes the build/clear operation to fail. Can anyone shed some light onto this problem? I'm totally baffled as to what could be at fault. Thanks Matt (Hardware)