[ubuntu] Beginner stuck on first step, RAID 0

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http://ubuntuforums.org – I am trying to install on a very old Asus Box that I built some years ago. It's a 3.0 ghz system, 2.0 gigs ram and 300 gigs of hd supplied by a raid 0 array running on an onboard Promise Controller. I know that controller will be an issue. First I wanted to just boot unbuntu from a dvd to see if there are other issues. To that end I downloaded the 12.04.3 and the 13.10 versions iso. Took Nero 12 and created two dvds. They didn't work. The pc starts, goes for the dvd, tries to boot but errors out looking for, among other things, a bin directory. From what I can see I am getting 9 directories cr (Hardware)