[ubuntu] ATI Legacy Driver Installation in Karmic (x windows ? etc)

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http://ubuntuforums.org – I just got into ubuntu (I prefer Xubuntu, but I can't get Thunar to read network shares, so I'm holding off on that) and I am loving it. As a total linux newbie, I've had some hiccups here and there, but nothing that I couldn't solve with some extensive reading. There is one not uncommon problem out there that I'm having some troubles resolving, despite reading quite a bit. So, How can I install an ATI Legacy Driver (Catalyst 9.3 for Radeon Xpress 1100) on Karmic Koala?* *firstly, I assume that I need to because the graphics quality is not very good. Vsync issues and a few hiccups for the extended desktop. Otherwise it doesn't look bad at all, the open-source drivers ARE good, but to watch HD videos from my dinky laptop I will need the original drivers. I definitely don't want to give up on Linux (I need the 64-bit support), but I don't have a reason to keep linux on if I can't get the video card working up to a spec that is at least competitive with the driver for XP. https://a248.e.akamai.net/f/674/9206...cat92-inst.pdf Aftering following the instructions; Code: Error: ./default_policy.sh does not support version default:v2:x86_64:lib32::none:2.6.31-14-generic; make sure that the version is being correctly set by --iscurrentdistro I decompressed the .run file and found the /default_policy.sh to see if I could rewrite the code and create a simple bypass (I don't mind breaking ubuntu, I just installed it!) or just read some of the files and understand what I needed to do. Alas, even for me, it's going a bit too far before asking for help. http://tan-com.com/posts/posts/techn...i-driver-issue Says it doesn't work for Karmic- but the process seemed interesting. Tricking aptitude into thinking you're on intrepid- which uses an older version of X that also supports the drivers necessary, and then holding upgrades on the files involved, then installing the .run (or, I guess you technically aptitude the 9.3). http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubu...allation_Guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver I've also read these, but I'm ... not feeling too confident at the moment. I don't really understand what the spiel is with the RadeonDriver, I believe it is the one I'm using now- but the performance isn't satisfactory. Are there any tricks to modifying this guy so that it actually works nicely? My understanding is this-- X is a window managing system that is used as a base for many desktops. It inherently has a lot to do with graphics and hosting all your windows and plays a role in rendering whatever is in them (?); so it makes sense that X is the architecture that is using/providing any given graphics driver for X windows involving any graphical processes (so, everything that shows up on your screen, X paints with the drivers provided). So- the most recent version of X, which Karmic uses, is one that does NOT provide support for the 9.3 catalyst driver that I need to use, AND Karmic CANNOT use the OLDER versions of X, unlike Jaunty. So there's a double cock-block going on here of Karmic not wanting old X and new X not working with old Video card. IS THIS CORRECT? So, supposing that I actually wanted to use my video card, I could install Intrepid and it would work right away OR install Jaunty and then downgrade the X. In an ideal scenario, I could compile a custom version of X (it is open source) that might satisfy both Karmic and my Catalyst 9.3, but I certainly don't have the time for that. If I tricked the catalyst driver to install anyways, it SHOULD break X and, by inheritance, Ubuntu. But I'm thinking there has got to be some simpler way to ghetto-rig this that may actually work-- right now I'm thinking that maybe I can mix an old version and new version of X (kind of cut and pasting relevant code) and then tricking catalyst into ignoring the version and installing anyways. With that, all conditions (aside from lame-version checking pitfalls that are probably EVERYWHERE) would, in my currently limited perspective, be cleared. Now, I'm a COMPLETE Linux NOOB, so I'm not sure if i missed something or what, but I need help. I want to escape Microsoft RIGHT NOW, but with this video card chained to my leg I cannot! Help this penguin fly! Thank you! On a side note, are there any basic tutorials out there that deal with modding X files? (Hardware)