[ubuntu] ATI Driver. Build in or off the site ?

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http://ubuntuforums.org – I have a question on ATI Drivers. From what I understand there is 2 ways of installing it. One is to go to Hardware drivers that's under System->Administration and activate Restricted ATI driver. Second way is to go to amd.com and download latest driver and then install it. Now for me it's logical to go to amd.com and install driver that I know it's latest and with all that here is questions. 1. IF you install driver that you get from amd.com and after you go to hardware drivers under administration it's showing that restricted driver is not active. Now what a second it's installed... it may not be one that "ubuntu" have but it is installed ....so what's with that. 2. IF you want to install driver using restricted driver activation, how do you know what version are you getting (BEFORE INSTALLING IT)? I mean all I see it's fglrx ati driver and ...well that's it, no info on what version is it and this is very important because anything that have to do ati and linux drivers every time it's updated it's big deal because that not prefect at all atm so I personally wait each release all the time. Thank you very much for reading my post and to summarize all that I wrote basically I want to know is this. What driver I should use with my ATI Card from amd or one that build in, second how I can check version of build in driver BEFORE installing it. Thank you very much ... (Hardware)