[ubuntu] Are the Dell Ubuntu laptops any good?

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hi I am considering buying one of the laptops Dell is offering for sale with Ubuntu pre installed. I currently use Ubuntu on a Macbook Pro that belongs to my work, which will have to go back to my work soon as I am changing jobs! I currently also use an Inspiron Mini that I bought from Dell with Ubuntu 8.04 preinstalled. this has worked OK, but it is a pretty old version of Ubuntu. Can anyone who has bought either the Inspiton 15 or the Studio XPS 13 that are available for sale here let me know if you were happy with the laptops. I particulally like my Macbook's really bright screen, I do a lot of work with photos, are their screens nice and bright and good for GIMP, etc? What do you feel about the differences between the two laptops? There seems a huge price hike for the Studio. is it worth it? I may just start recording my own music on the laptop, using something like Josoker. Has anyone tried this? Are their sound capabilities any good? I've been window shopping on the 'net for a few days now, but the stress I always have is buying a wintel machine and assuming Ubuntu will run on it. I quite like the look of the Sony laptops, but like the thought that these Dells will probably have no hardware issues with Ubuntu. I also like to support hardware manufacturers who support Ubuntu (even though Dell took a load of business off my employer, Sun Microsystems:cry: Has anyone upgraded from the Dell supplied 9.04 to 9.10? Any issues? cheers Tom. (Hardware)