[ubuntu] add more drives to server and convert raid 1 to raid 5 (new to servers)

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hello everyone. I recently acquired a Dell poweredge 2950 (dual quad core xeon processors and 16GB of ram) beside the fact that it is super loud. it does a fantastic job of being my VM + Plex media server + seedbox +DNS/DHCP +squid it came with 2 1TB hard drives in a raid 1 configuration with perc 5/i I installed ubuntu server 13.10 in a LVM on the virtual disk created by the RAID controller. with my expanding media needs I acquired 4 more 1TB drives. this server does 6 hot swap drive bays (if that effects it in any way?) my goal is to have as limited downtime as possible (preferably no (Hardware)