[ubuntu] Acer 5920(G) - Karmic tweaks

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hello! Well, the Intrepid version of this thread here helped a few people, with both their 8.10 and 9.04 installations. However, it seems that things have changed with the 9.10 release, so we can use this thread to figure out how to get this lappy working sweetly again. First of all, if you have a solution, please post it. If you are having a problem- please tell us what's going on, with at least as much info as possible. Let's start with the touch-sensitive media-keys. Open a terminal, and type: Code: killall xbindkeys Then: Code: xev | grep button Now try the media keys. You should see buttons 17-20 mentioned. Please post the output. If you don't see what you expect, then please try going to System > Prefs > Startup Apps and disabling the Media Keys script. Then log out, log in and retry the above. You can also modify the button re-mapping script (you can find the location of the script by selecting it in the Startup Apps list, then choosing edit) to replace tail with head. It's a crazy idea, but it just might work! You can re-start xbindkeys by using alt+f2, and typing: Code: xbindkeys Please note that I am yet to install Karmic (I'm planning to next week when I'm back home), but I am happy to collate people's findings and perhaps join in with a bit of group troubleshooting / therapy in the meantime! Charlie (Hardware)