Ubuntu 9.10/Mint 8.0 "error: out of disk" on install

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http://www.linuxforums.org – Ok, I'm a noob, but I have successfully installed Unubtu on my netbook and a dual boot Vista/Ubuntu on my laptop. I'm now trying to get ANY Linux to install on my main system with no luck. I'm new to Linux, but been building and repairing Windows PC's for over a decade. My issue is that after I finish the install, reboot, and get to Grub (dual boot XP) and choose to boot Linux, it gives me the error: out of disk. I'm sure the first question will be if I left enough room to install it. I installed it on a 90GB partition and gave it 5GB swap, so that can't be the problem. If it helps, I'm running a Biostar board with 2 SATA hard drives (non raid) with 4 partitions each (including the swap file). I can run Linux from the Live CD and it's fine, but as soon as I try to reboot after the install, I get the error. I've also double checked the partition was correct (hd0 sda7). The install CD should be also fine since it was the one I used for the install on my laptop, not to mention I've tried 2 different disks of Ubuntu 9.10 along with trying Mint 8.0. Any help would be appreciated, please keep in mind I've only been using Linux for a few days and need to be walked through any help. I absolutely LOVE Linux so far, so much better than ANY Windows version even after being tweaked to the hilt! Thanks in advance! (HowTos)