Ubuntu 9.10 server edition and Samba Questions

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – hello all, this is my first post here, and i stumbled upon this site from google :) I recently built a basic server computer for home use. (this will be for media, documents, music, etc) I have a basic amd mobo, cpu, and dvd drive. I have Ubuntu server 9.10 installed on an 8GB SD card that is attached to a usb dongle. The os loaded just fine :) And as a storage drive i have a seagate 1TB hard drive. Then i got to creating shares in samba. I got to editing the smb.conf file and i couldn't figure out how to setup the shares (where exactly the 1tb Hard drive is, how to create directories and what not) Then i realized i needed to format the HDD! but when i go to run fdisk to finally do it, it tells me that it is "unable to open /dev/sda/" now i don't know a whole lot about linux as you can tell, but that is the whole reason i set this thing up is for a big learning experience in both linux and network setup. to sum up, how do i format the 1TB HDD, and how would i set up samba so i could administrate it from my other computer (SWAT is what i've read about) big thanks in advance! -cam (HowTos)