[ubuntu] 9.10 Resuming from Hibernate/Suspend fails

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http://ubuntuforums.org – I have a compaq presario v2405us (which is a v2000z with a sempron cpu). I was using Ubuntu 8.10 for about a year and I had no major problems. I did a fresh install of Ubuntu 9.10 and most everything seems OK, except for the cpu fan seems to be more active, battery life has deceased, and there is a problem with NFS throughput. More importantly, I can't resume from hibernate/suspend. When I click hibernate or suspend the screen goes blank, the audio mute button comes on with a loud pop from the laptop (from the speakers, I think), and then the mute button light goes off with another popping sound. Then, there is this on the screen; atiixp:codec set timeout atiixp-modem: codec set timeout. The laptop powers-off after a few seconds. A few seconds after turning on the laptop, I see the Ubuntu logo, and it says, "waking up please wait", then a blank screen and no disk activity. I let is sit for a few minutes to see if anything would happen, however nothing occurred. Is there a file to edit to get hibernate/suspend to work on this model laptop or is this a bug? Any help appreciated. Thanks. (Hardware)