[ubuntu] 9.10, Dell E6500, PR02X Audio problem

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hi, I'm using a Dell E6500 with a PR02X port replicator and a 2.1 external speakers. With the laptop docked, sound comes from both the external and internal speakers. I've used both Sound Preferences and Gnome ALSA mixer to try and configure the audio, however the audio port on the dock is *not* a headphone port... changing the options for headphone volume do not affect the 2.1 speakers. In ALSA mixer, the 2.1 speakers are affected by all the same options as the internal speakers, PCM, Front, master... in Sound Preferences, any option that disables sound to the internal speakers also disables sound to the 2.1 speakers. XP, Vista and W7 all ran the speakers one set at a time automatically... I'm not finding a lot by searching... Has anyone else experienced this problem? Any suggestions? (Hardware)