UBUNTU 9.10, Black Screen after UPDATES

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http://www.ubuntux.org – Hi! I am new to ubuntu and linux and I have win7 on my computer. I installed linux 9.10 to another partition. I was using both os with grub. And i had 5 choices in the grub screen: Ubuntu 9.10 build .... Ubuntu 9.10 ....(recovery mode) Mem test... Mem test... Windows 7 I installed startupmanager and changed boot default in it, and boot win7 and ubuntu with no prblms. After that, i changed some boot settings in starupmanager, like resolution and some other stuff i cant remember(that was like a week ago), while doing that I was installing all the updates. it asked me about the grub version, if wanted to change it or keep it, giving 5 choices, i chose "show me my version" to see and than choose, but it just continued installing updates!? Anyway, after that update i rebooted, and saw that grub screen was changed to: Ubuntu 9.10 build .... Ubuntu 9.10 build ....(recovery mode) Ubuntu 9.10 some other build .... Ubuntu 9.10 some other build....(recovery mode) Mem test... read more (Distributions)