[ubuntu] [9.04] USB HDD problems

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Currently I am unable to 'see' my external drive, nor in any way I know of get it to mount. This was not always the case, I had been happily using the drive for several weeks post-Ubuntu install; during the install I did not have to do anything fancy, IT JUST WORKED ™ Here's how I got to the state I'm in now: I got a second USB HDD from a friend, and intended to copy files from mine to his. I found a spare USB socket, plugged in the second drive, and waited. It took quite some time before the second HDD mounted and appeared on the desktop, *but* my own USB HDD vanished. I have now unplugged the second USB HDD. Subsequently, although auto-mounted on boot prior to this, I can no longer access my own USB HDD. Does not matter if I reboot, or plug it in when the machine is running; nothing happens. I see nothing on it in /dev, and I don't quite know where else I should be looking for clues. Is there some way I can force a scan/reset of all USB-connected hardware to fix this? I miss my music collection, some of the CDs loaded onto it are made of Unobtanium. (Hardware)