[ubuntu] 9.04 -> Dell Inspirion 8600 -> Wireless not working

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http://ubuntuforums.org – So just reformated my wife's laptop (dell inspirion 8600) and installed ubuntu 9.04. Everything is working fine except the wireless connection. I figured it wasn't turned on, but confirmed that the radio button is checked. still didn't work. then i manually added the wireless network (SSID/security info) to the edit connections screen. still didn't do anything. i then followed the basic troubleshooting information supplied by ubuntu 9.04. sudo lshw -enable TEST (gives me the below output) * network:0 DISABLED desc: wireless interface phy id: 2 i rebooted and went into the bios and show that the wireless adapter was disabled at which time i enabled, saved and exited. logged back in and nothing. tried to connect and still nothing. i'm VERY new to ubuntu/linux so please bare with me. If a wireless device is enabled shouldn't it automatically find a wireless network? Is there a way that i can get to a screen that shows all the available wireless networks? Again i went to a terminal screen and ran the above command and the same output is listed below. What am i doing wrong? Did i miss a step here? I also did the FN + F2 which is this laptops shortcut key for enabling and disabling the wireless radio. * network:0 DISABLED desc: wireless interface phy id: 2 any advise / guidance would be greatly appreciated. (Hardware)