[ubuntu] 64 bit Server 11.10 and MDADM problem

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hi all, I tried to upgrade my file server box running 11.04 64 bit server with 5 drives in a array to 11.10 server. Now, my RAID array is /dev/md0 and composed of 5 drives with no partitions. That is, I created the array, formatted /dev/md0 with EXT4 and that's it. Worked fine. Now MDADM for 11.10 complains that I have a "degraded array" and wants me to fix it or hit ctrl-D to continue (kinda difficult for a headless server box). It complains because it sees no "valid partition table". If I do ctrl-D out of it and mount the array manually, it works fine. But the (Hardware)