Ubuntu 12.04, Vim in terminal not using 256 colors

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Im not a newbie, but i feel this is a newbie question, and techinically i am new to ubuntu. Brand new vanilla 12.04 server install Putty set up to utilize 256 color mode as root on server: Code: export TERM=xterm-256color mkdir -p .vim/colors cd .vim/colors wget https://raw.github.com/garybernhardt/dotfiles/master/.vim/colors/grb256.vim cd ~ echo "set t_Co=256" >> .vim/.vimrc echo "colorscheme grb256" >> .vim/.vimrc All looks correct to me. However, instead of getting this: http://www.vimninjas.com/images/posts/10vim/grb256.png i get this unbearable site: (HowTos)