[ubuntu] 12.04 Post Install SWAP Issue...

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http://ubuntuforums.org – I've added 12.04 three times now. Triple boot on an old desktop w/ Vista(which has serious issues), 10.04LTS, and 12.04LTS. Dual boot along side 10.04. And, on a new laptop with Windows 7, as dual boot. The issue I have is that the swap for the 12.04 always shows as 'unknown'. I discovered on the dual boot with 10.04, that if I delete the 'unknown' partition, or format it to swap (even though, only one swap can be shared with more than 1 Ubuntu), it will destroy the grub; and make the computer un-bootable. Thus, the 12.04 will have to be removed altogether. So, does anyone out there have thi (Hardware)