Ubuntu 12.04 partitioning - delete Windows partitions

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http://askubuntu.com – I want to know is there any possible (and simple) way to delete my Windows partitions and extend my Ubuntu partitions. I have 1 HDD 700 GB: sda1 primary 100MB NTFS (Windows boot partition) sda2 primary 100GB NTFS (Windows 7 OS) sda3 primary 500GB NTFS (Windows data files) sda4 extended partition 98GB: sda6 ext4 94GB (Ubuntu 12.04) sda5 swap 4GB My actual boot partition is sda1 I want do delete Windows partitions and extend my Ubuntu installation to the whole HDD, maybe creating only /home and /boot partition additional, so I have: sda1 /boot partition (500MB) sda2 / partition (200GB) s (HowTos)