Ubuntu 12.04 on Amazon EC2: /dev/xvda1 will be checked for errors at next reboot?

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http://askubuntu.com – I'm running the lastest Ubuntu 12.04 AMI (ami-a29943cb) from Canonical on Amazon EC2 and quite often when I log in I get the message: *** /dev/xvda1 will be checked for errors at next reboot *** I have read a bunch of documentation on this and seem to understand that every so many reboots (around 37 see Mount count / Maximum mount count below) Ubuntu wants to check a disk for errors. I can see that by using dumpe2fs -h /dev/xvda1 (reference) to get information such as: Last mounted on: / Filesystem UUID: 1ad27d06-4ecf-493d-bb19-4710c3caf924 Filesystem magic number: 0xEF5 (HowTos)