Ubuntu 11.10 on HP Pavilion DM4 - turn off Radeon GPU as it drains battery/overheats Hybrid Graphics Problem

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http://askubuntu.com – I have a HP DM4 Beats Edition running Ubuntu 11.10. The HP Pavillion runs on-board Intel graphics as well as Radeon GPU. From what I have read it appears that the Radeon GPU is draining my battery and also causing the laptop to overheat. Battery life is down to under two hours when using the machine for simple tasks and the unit is heating up excessively. I tried activating the ATI FGLRX driver - but it was not successful. I also have installed the CPU control applet. For now i just want to disable the GPU and use the Intel on board graphics. Is there a way that I can force the system to j (HowTos)