Ubuntu 10.04 New Theme

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http://techsnap.co.uk – So today I upgraded my Ubuntu 10.04 VM, as most of you will probably already know, I’m not a Ubuntu fan but I keep a VM of the latest dev version installed because I like to look at what they’re up to for the simple fact that it seems to be the most popular beginner distro. However I updated it today and the new themes were installed so I enabled them. First impressions here, It looks a mess to be quite honest. Though one may argue that it’s a lot nicer to look at than the original brown/orange theme that Ubuntu has had for so long, I’m not sure that I like it at all. It would have been neater to have just changed the colour of the current Human theme, though this is preference juge for yourself by comparing the two screenshots below. Now consider that I just said First Impression. After using it for a little while I decided it’s actually pretty neat and it does give Ubuntu that added polish. Overall they’ve done a good job on the Theme but not an excellent one. Over the users people have made themes on UF and Gnome-Look which could have been absolutely terrific candidates for the default theme, however this has only just been made and used by default. I do think it’s a step in the right direction but when the final is out I will be focusing on anything which makes the system unsuitable as a whole since I can just change the theme and I would like some of the show stopper bugs present in 9.10 to be fixed WITHOUT introducing any new ones. Now it’s not all brilliant, I think that the icons could do with some work, for example they’re still the orange ones, I’m not sure if they’re going to change that later on but at the moment it looks to be just a bit out of place. In the example below I have chosen a theme I found whilst browsing web which is called “Simply Grey”, although it may not be exactly how they should be in the final and this Icon theme would look out of place to but I think the new theme as a whole looks a lot neater with grey icons but again this is preference. Apart from that it’s a step in the right direction and it will make using the released product interesting. I will be coming back to Ubuntu 10.04 around release day to look at how it runs and how it works. Until then, back to the Mandriva review Ubuntu 10.04 New Theme Video (General)