[ubuntu] 10.04 All changes discarged after next boot

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hy, I am running -Ubuntu 10.04, - Asus EEE 900 - 2Gb Ram - 32Gb SSD - 16 Gb-SD-Card Symptoms: - I cannot make an update - Changes in the Panel will be accepted for this session, discarded after next bootup - I can save a text with gedit, reload it, after the next bootup its gone - I can delete a text from my filesystem, after the next bootup its appears again - (same happens to Bookmarks-Saving in firefox i.e.) - Evolution: Some Emails (IMAP) got reloaded again and again, others will be load only once, I can delete here, they dont appear again There must be something happened to my system (Hardware)