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http://www.tuxradar.com – It's been a busy few months here at TuxRadar HQ, largely because it's summer so we spend our time playing cards and drinking cider. If you too have spent far too much time away from your computer and thus have missed out on the great stuff we've put online in the last few weeks, this is your chance to catch up: here's our pick of unmissable features from recent weeks. The best Linux screen recording apps Mozilla Greasemonkey for beginners How to set up your own media server with Linux Our favourite quotes from O'Reilly's OSCON 2009 Hands on with SUSE Studio Linux vs Windows 7 Make an ffmpeg front-end, create a media player or try one of our other code projects If you've made it through that entire list and are still thirsty for more Free Software goodness, then we challenge you to read our article "100 Open Source Gems" (part two is here) and install as many apps as you can. Of course, there's much more still to come - you should follow us on Identica or Twitter to make sure you don't miss a thing. And remember, TuxRadar is brought to you by Linux Format magazine - the #1 source for Linux news, reviews, tutorials and wit, available from all good magazine outlets worldwide. Click here for the latest subscription deals - starting at just $US99 for 13 issues! read more (IT news)