Turntable.fm Founder’s New DJZ Dance Music Site And DJZtxt App Will Make Your Eyes And Ears Bleed

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http://techcrunch.com – Electronic dance music (EDM) is all the rage with kids born after 1990 (Generation Z), and Turntable.fm founder Seth Goldstein is brining the scene online. Today he launches DJZ, a news hub website, and DJZtxt, a messaging app that turns emojis into sounds. With $1 million in funding from Kleiner Perkins, music industry folk and more, DJZ could capture the youth’s eyes and dollars, or get skipped. DJZ’s design captures the loud colors and sharp sounds of EDM and the costumed crowds who show up to its festivals. Bright pink, blue, yellow and jet black give DJZ a snazzy feel, though (IT news)