Tug of War 7 (The Tie Breaker)

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http://androidforums.com – [QUOTE=treb1797;4919084]Here we go again :D Rules are the sames as Tug of War 5 Objective: Staff win if they reach -1000 Members win if they reach 1000 Rules: Staff Guides: -1 Mods: -2 Members Premium / ROM Dev: +2 Regular: +1 No double posting & no images So let it roll & no cheating:p I will begin 1 Quote: Originally Posted by alittle (Post 4958533) If mY observations are correct Tow1- staff 2- members 3 members 4 staff 5 staff ...members need to tie it up thus round! Tow6- members So the next will determine who (General)