Trying to configure a SFTP server on Fedora 10...

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hey all, im fairly new to the whole linux environment so please bare with me as i try to explain whats going on... I had an ftp server about a year ago. It was running off of windows 2003, and didnt have any protection on it besides the normal firewall and NAT router. I shut it down after a couple weeks because i was constantly getting password hackers and weird things trying to break in (i used Ethereal to monitor packet traffic). Anyway, ive decided to take another swing at it and try to configure a more secure server on a more secure OS. I've found multiple HOWTO guides by surfing google BUT most/all of them want me to download a file called "openssh-4.5p1-chroot.tar.bz2", however the address they all point to does not exist! That address is "http://chroot.sourceforge.net/download/(filename)" so my main questions are where can i find this file? Is there a better one that would work? Is there a tutorial someone knows about that would get me past this? I built a computer last week for this purpose (only had to buy a few parts so it's not like i spent $500), and now i feel like ive hit a dead end just cause a site decided to take a file down and no one else has realized it's happened except me... Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks. (HowTos)