try server/user opensuse kde 4.3

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http://forums.opensuse.org – hello i wanted to try new detail server. server name "CASSETTO" see my screen: - I NOT KNOW HOW DO CRYPT IN EXT4 DISK.. --------------------------------------------- ohter server name "VASSOIO", it's shared all folder(user1,user2,user3,user4....ect) see my screen: ------------------------------------- how i try to work my idea... see my screen: i want to try : all software (office,graphics,web,mail,ect)are from in server cassetto...it's possible? why? because my users is 100 peoples mean 100 computers.. so i have not time for upgrates all 100 computer...for only upgrade and update of softwares... it's hard long time... also upgrade of kde 4.3.4.. i think: for upgrade all softwares (upgrade, updates,) from server cassetto..i can fix and changes all softwares from server cassetto for one time(not 100 times) my idea is good but i'm not sure it's works or not works... what do you think? you can tip to me ok?rotfl! I LOVE OPENSUSE AND KDE 4!!! THANK YOU (Distributions)