Trouble with dual-boot bootloader configuration

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I had, several Fedora versions back, set up my dual boot machine where it would always load Windows XP using the Windows bootloader and I used a grub cd to boot Fedora. I was trying to do the same thing when installing Fedora 12 but apparently have forgotten what was required to do this. I thought it would be as simple as clicking on the change devices button and switching to first sector of boot partition during boot configuration on install, but this didn't work. I believe that this machine should have had no remnants of GRUB on it...(events proceeding my mistakenly leaving the install iso in the images directory with the image file instead of the root during a first attempt of my normal hard drive install ended with my having to remove all partitions and reinstalling Windows.) :( Still, when I rebooted after install, GRUB came up rather than Windows. I hesitantly tried fixmbr, and it ran without problem, but GRUB still boots from the hard drive. Two things to note. 1) When I installed I removed Windows from the boot loader list in boot loader configuration since I did not intend to boot Windows with GRUB. I added Windows to grub.conf manually later. 2) Windows disk manager shows the Fedora boot partition as Healthy (Active), and the XP partition as Healthy (Boot). Could someone please tell me what I have done, and what I should have done? I was under the impression that if I didn't install to the MBR that Windows would boot. Should I have unchecked install boot loader completely? And if I didn't install a boot loader would the grub.conf file still be auto-created and change with each new kernel? I was hoping to use the GRUB configfile command and point to grub.conf on the boot partition rather than create one each time on disk or manually enter commands each time like I was doing several versions ago. What would be required to get the setup I want from this point, preferably without reinstalling windows? I always remove and reinstall Fedora boot and root partitions when installing new versions of Fedora. Should I be expecting boot troubles when Fedora 13 comes around if I try something different then? Any help would be greatly appreciated. (HowTos)