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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – My first post in a *nix forum. Never thought I'd see this day and I'm happy about it. So here's what I want to do but first a little background; I am a mature student meaning I have returned to school and am probably old enough to be "dad" to some of the students around me. I am taking a Networking course and this course involves learning a lot of MS stuff but also some Linux stuff and soon to come, some Cisco stuff. Two weeks ago I had no experience with Linux and the course required and supplied Fedora 5 but that wasn't good enough for me so I downloaded a Fedora 11 Live CD iso, burned it to a disc and learned how to dual boot with XP Pro. I've learned more after school by playing with Fedora at home than what I've learned in the course. So my current set up is XP on HDD 0 (1 primary,2 logical partitions) and Fedora 11 on HDD 1 (2 primary? partitions). I want to add Win7 to the setup for testing purposes. My machine is Intel x86 based with AMD CPU. Here's the layout I have; HDD 0 (400G) Primary Part = XP Pro C:// (30G) Logical Part = Data D:// (145g) Logical Part = Formatted NTFS empty E:// (195G) HDD 1 (40G) Primary Part = Fedora 11 (200MB) Primary Part = /swap (37G) I want to install Win7 onto the E:// Logical Partition and triple boot with XP and Fedora. Both current OSes have ample space to operate and I use GRUB for booting. GRUB is installed into the MBR on the Master HDD and I've editted to make XP default after a 10 second timeout. Now some questions: Can Win7 be installed onto a "logical partition" or must I convert it to something else? Will the GRUB configuration be trashed or can I just edit it to add Win7 in the options? All comments, experiences, tips and opinions welcome. And thanks ahead of time if you choose to reply. (HowTos)