Trimming in between the words

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http://www.unix.com – Hi i have a log file Code: P12345_15728710[01/03/2013 18:16:35]:DEBUG:Begin P12345_15728710[01/03/2013 18:16:35]:DEBUG:Being  P12345_15729310[01/03/2013 18:48:35]:DEBUG:GetAgen P12345_15726510[01/03/2013 18:49:35]:DEBUG:end i want to trim this file and i want like this Code: 15728710[01/03/2013 18:16:35] 15728710[01/03/2013 18:16:35] 15729310[01/03/2013 18:48:35] 15726510[01/03/2013 18:49:35] i tried sed ..but not working.. Code: sed "s/.*P12345__ \(.*\) :DEBUG*/\1/" (HowTos)