"trap ... INT TERM EXIT" really necessary?

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – Many examples for trap use trap ... INT TERM EXIT for cleanup tasks. But is it really necessary to list all the three sigspecs? The manual says: If a SIGNAL_SPEC is EXIT (0) ARG is executed on exit from the shell. which I believe applies whether the script finished normally or it finished because it received SIGINT or SIGTERM. An experiment also confirms my belief: $ cat ./trap-exit #!/bin/bash trap 'echo TRAP' EXIT sleep 3 $ ./trap-exit & sleep 1; kill -INT %1 [1] 759 TRAP [1]+ Interrupt ./trap-exit $ ./trap-exit & sleep 1; kill -TERM %1 [1] 773 TRAP [1]+ Termi (HowTos)