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http://forum.allaboutcircuits.com – hello I have this problem: a 3300/250v, 50Hz,1pH transformer has a core of effective cross sectional area of 13000m^2 and a low voltage winding of 80 turns. Determine: the number of turns on the high voltage windings a, 250v / 3300v = 0.075 80 / 0.075 = 1066.6 turns the maximum flux density of the core b, 13000mm^2 / 1000,000 = 0.013m^2 3300/4.44*50*1066.6*0.013 = 1.072T I was told this was wrong, though I cant find what is wrong. I have a guess that maybe the 0.013m^2 may be wrong but im not to sure. or the method for finding the high voltage windings any help would be appreciat (Embedded)