Transfer all 1&1 web and e-mail services to own Synology NAS using No-IP for DDNS

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http://serverfault.com – I have a domain x-treem.net. The registrar is DomainDiscover and I have a hosting package with 1&1 which includes web and e-mail. I also have an additional package with 1&1 - Microsoft Exchange which centralises all my e-mails, tasks, contacts, notes, etc. and I connect to it with my PC (Outlook) and my Android phone. I have just purchased a Synology NAS (DS213) and I can see I can run a web server (Web Station), e-mail server (Mail Server) on it amongst other things. I am behind a dynamic IP. So, I'm looking to get some clarification on what I must do to consolidate my services and (HowTos)