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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I have an unusual problem with DVD::Rip that I am hoping that someone has seen and can help me correct. I run uShare on one of my linux boxes due to the uPNP media server working out of the box with the Xbox360. Anyway I have a couple of series of DVD that I am trying to rip to XVID format and keep on my media server. When I run DVD::Rip just on a single system it works just fine and converts the videos like you would expect it to. The time to convert the videos is kind of insanely long due to the specs of the system I have it running on and figured I would set DVD::Rip up into a clustered configuration since it supports it. The problem I am running into is after the videos are convert using cluster mode the audio is BADLY out of sync and there are purple boxes in random places all through out the video. I am wondering if anyone has run into this same problem and if so what they did to fix it? Also if anyone has suggestions for another software package that will rip and encode DVDs I am open to that as well. I have been reading up on MEncoder, but the only problem I have found is there doesn't seem to be a decent GUI to go with it yet which would making cropping the video difficult to say the least. Thanks, Whit3fir3 (HowTos)