Toshiba Satellite A215-S5818 running Fedora Core 11 64 bit, CPU fan and Omnibook woes

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I've been trying to get my CPU fan to work for about five days on my lappy, which won't respond to either toshset (seeing as its a Phoenix BIOS) or cpufreq 2.3.4 (which doesn't even want to compile.) Other than that, I've taken care to not use it too much for anything. When I cat /proc/acpi/fan/FAN1/state it returns "off" and the temperatures have been observed to go over 70oC on both CPUs doing simple tasks. Have tried newest Omnibook source and I think I'm closer to fixing the problem, as it compiles fine and with ectype=11 gives me every possible entry under /proc/omnibook: ac battery blank display dmi fan hotkeys lcd temperature touchpad version except for "throttling." I heard someplace that ectype=15 is better for my particular model of computer, but haven't seen any proof of that yet. I've tried every ectype between 9 and 15, and as a typo once told modprobe to install it with "19." Hotkeys haven't worked with FN+F11 (the green light on) and the only sign from omnibook that my CPU fan may be working is a garbage notice from /proc/omnibook/fan that it is running at "level 15." Trying the experimental Toshiba driver located at memebeam.org was another one of my ideas, but it seems poking numbers into /dev is a security hazard. Not something I really want to try. Other than that which is outlined in the directly above paragraph, what do I need to get this done once and for all? It was suggested to me to try acpi_osi="Linux" in the kernel boot parameters, but doing that caused a bunch of hot air to blow out the side of my case and the lappy to go ballistic with internal whooshing sounds. I noticed in dmesg that those same queries (from the BIOS this time) were getting ignored so . . . Not sure where to go from here. What could be the problem? (HowTos)