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http://linux.bihlman.com – Top Social Network Platforms By Jonathon R Boone If you are hoping to produce a social network and you are in a rush, then you should visit a website like Ning. Ning is the first larger hosted social networking site that comes to mind. If you are one of those who wish to have more control of their web site, that is, having your own personalized domain name, controlling the design and of course, the brandmark, then the advisable way is to run one of the off the shelf networking scripts available. There are quite a few social networking scripts on the market these days, both free and paid for. The reality is that only a handful are worth the money. After a brief community survey amongst social networking webmasters, it didn’t take long to figure out who was running what. From our tally we determined these four social networking sites to be the top five currently on the market. DZOIC Handshakes offers up one of the foremost open source community programs for this year, so there is very little doubt about the usability of this software. For the most part, Dzoic Handshakes is a potent piece of computer software that dishes up article writing, instant messaging, community, video, music plus tons more. In fact, it is one of the most versatile pieces of software that provides pretty much everything you need to start a social site right out of the box. Dzoic Handshakes works on a runs on a Linux, Apache, MySql and Php environment is simple to upload, install and configure. Having very little php skill, you can get your social networking script up and functional in no time. PhpFox is possibly Dzoic Handshakes strongest competitor and designed with similar functionality. It is awesome platform perfect for just about any niche. With PhpFox, you can tap into a huge community of adept PhpFox users and utilize their talents. Features in the software include live chat, Videos, Advanced profile editing, video and image tagging, RSS feeds plus much more. You have endless possibilities with this software and like Handshakes, it is 100% encryption free. PhpFox works on a runs on a Linux, Apache, MySql and Php environment like handshakes. What are people saying about PhpFox? Find out here. Social Engine, is 100% open source, is a modulure based, social networking software that operates on the Php, MySql,Apache and Linux environment. You can easily customize Social Engine and the Social Engine script writers have gone to surpassing lengths to get Social Engine user friendly and easy to customise. Using thoroughly anotated and unencrypted source code, you should have no problem navigating your webpages. The Coders also went out of their way to supply fully commented HTML templates for all the pages of your social network. The only major downside to using the Social Engine is that it can get expensive. If you were to simply purchase the bare bone script you would not have enough to make a sound social network. You would have to purchse additional modules which can get expensive. Get more reviews on the Social Engine Networking script here.|See what other people are saying Dolphin 6 – Smart Community Builder is versatile social networking script that boasts itself as being free. We all know all great things come with a catch. Boonex has licensing features that allow you to slowly get away from their control for a small cost. The fees are dependent upon the duration of the licensing. Boonex comes with stockpile of bells and whistles. Bells and whistles include 100% AJAX Forums, Photo Sharing, Video Sharing, Music Sharing, Blogs, Polls, Search Events, Groups, Mailbox, Friends, Customizable Profiles, Powerful Admin Panel, Design Templates and Languages! Dolphin – Smart Community Builder is based on php and operates on the Php, MySql, Apache and Linux environment John is a fulltime social networking consultant who helps newcomers get their social networking websites off the ground social networking software reviews (General)