Tomcat Solr times out

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http://serverfault.com – (Plesk 10.4 centos 5.8 linux apache2 server, with Tomcat5 on port 8080 and Apache Solr) I get "The connection has timed out" on requesting domain.com:8080 or www.domain.com:8080 or ip.ad.dr.ess:8080 Every reason I can find why this might be seems not to be the case: Plesk thinks Tomcat is running fine and lists it as an active service. The firewall currently has an accept all rule on port 8080. There's nothing relevant in the catalina tomcat logs (/var/log/tomcat5) - just some stuff from last time tomcat was started. There's no record at all of the requests that fail. netstat -lnp | grep 8 (HowTos)