Tip: using netcfg to connect OpenVPN

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https://bbs.archlinux.org – I'll demostrate how to create a OpenVPN connection using netcfg, in this example i'll use VPNBook as provider (UDP 25000).First of all, you'll need download config. and certificate from VPNBook site, direct link (UDP 25000): Here.After download, extract this to: /etc/openvpn/ , now your tree will be similary to this (if you haven't any other config. files):/etc/openvpn ├── vpnbook.crt └── vpnbook-UDP25000.ovpnNow you'll need create a file with username and password(you can get this on vpnbook site), i just name this files as "vpnbook-password.txt" (HowTos)