Thunar - Video Thumbnails

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https://bbs.archlinux.org – I have Thunar installed on my i3 desktop. I also have tumbler and ffmpegthumbnailer. Currently i can't get video thumbnails for .avi and .mkv files. Strangely thumbnails are generated for .mp4 files. Here's the content of my ffmpegthumbnailer.thumbnailer file:[Thumbnailer Entry] TryExec=ffmpegthumbnailer Exec=ffmpegthumbnailer -s %s -i %u -o %o -c png -f -t 10 MimeType=video/flv;video/webm;video/mkv;video/mp4;video/mpeg;video/avi;video/ogg;video/quicktime;video/x-avi;video/x-flv;video/x-mp4;video/x-mpeg;video/x-webm;video/x-mkv;application/x-extension-webm;video/x-matroska;video/x-ms (HowTos)