Thinkpad X40 backlight

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hi, I've google searched and searched the forums. When I resume from suspend Fedora 12 on my Thinkpad X40 the computer resumes. However, the backlight does not turn on. I can use it if the rooms light is at the perfect angle, but can't find how to turn on the backlight. Any ideas? thanks, Nicholas ---------- Post added at 01:13 PM CST ---------- Previous post was at 01:09 PM CST ---------- The X40 has a Intel 855GME driver, so that shouldn't be the nvidia issue I've read about. I also tried issuing the command: pm-suspend --quirk-s3-bios --quirk-s3-mode --quirk-vga-mode3 This didn't help. ---------- Post added at 01:25 PM CST ---------- Previous post was at 01:13 PM CST ---------- xset dpms force off makes the backlight flicker off then on. However, after resume xset dpms force on does not turn the backlight on. Still looking for a way to turn the backlight on after resume. (HowTos)