Things I dislike in openSUSE - Creative Purpose only!

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http://forums.opensuse.org – For creative/educational purposes only, I want to make a list with things I don`t like in openSUSE... maybe one day someone will see this post and will think that could be used in creative ways... First of all, I used so many distros... I started with Ubuntu, than Linux Mint, than openSUSE, than Mandriva, CentOs, Fedora, Zenwalk, Debian, BSD, PcLinux, and olso OpenSolaris... I used so many because I`m in search of the best free OS for myself... Every distro has + and -... some more, some less... but after 1 year I turned again to use openSUSE... because it is the most MATURE, STABLE, PROFESSIONAL and LIGHT distro I ever used. But how I`ve told you, I used also other distros after openSUSE, and these are my reasons: (making my list with things I don`t like in openSUSE) -- too bloated; too many things all together seams too confusing sometimes, specially for a new openSUSE user... I thing YaST is great but should be organised better and more clearly... -- online update/ software refreshing is soooo slow and many times becomes a frustrating experience... it is way too slow... it`s a pain when you have added some extra repos... and Packman repo is a pain in the a..! This is my list for the moment, and I think I`m speaking about serious and important problems... I don`t care if openSUSE takes longer to load than other distros, or that`s more "slow" or "less responsive" than other distros too... I see that openSUSE works in serious directions, offering serious options/facilities, so keep up with this nice work friends! ;) (Distributions)