They Tell Me Only To Use Microsoft Windows Not The Free Linux Operating System

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http://i486.net – most people buy computers to run programs – whether to send email, browse the web, meet friends of girlfriends on MSN Messenger, do office work or just play Solitaire. People buy computers to use programs for their functionality does not run multiple operating systems are Microsoft Windows, the new product from Microsoft Vista, Mac OS and various Linux operating systems – that it is Ubuntu Linux, Mandivee, Knoppix or Debian. At the heart of most computer users is the functionality and usability. Simple as that. It’s an interesting situation that Microsoft controls the lion’s share of the vast market of computer operating system. Indeed, he even held a large share of the next player in line – with the Apple Macintosh OS (Operating System). What are the issues? 1) Linux is not really free. Linux in its various flavors or distributions, is given freely, if it is on a CD, DVD or downloaded. You can install the program on your own calculation or different computers at no cost to you whatsoever This is in direct contrast to a commercial product such as Microsoft Windows or the new Microsoft Vista that you buy a boxed version or a valid license, which comes with most computer systems purchased. The license that comes on most new computers as a matter of course could be called “tax Microsoft Computer” and is not an option you can give to reduce the purchase of your new compute – if or not you want to use another operating system such as Linux. Linux is given free to install. This is not shareware or time limited version of the product requires a registration fee after a period of time. If you need product support or commercial training organizations exist which will charge you for the support of that product or training or both. Indeed, one can say that Microsoft itself free product support, the Symantec antivirus / security charges of supporting agency core product, the cost of subscriptions – subscription fees sometimes redirection Automatic and 900 telephone number and office bearers of the map of priority. ” In fact you would not expect your school or technical college to provide computer and software to calculate the free training. 2) Linux is complex and will force you to learn the Linux command line, Not that this simple truth. The various Linux distributions all have GUI (Graphic User Interface), like Microsoft Windows, Windows used to come as a DOS command line. Windows users using pull down to run Windows software. So can and most Linux users 3) compared to Windows, installing Linux is difficult - The vast majority of computer users are computer novices and beginners. These users buy computers with the computer operating system Microsoft Windows or Macintosh operating system installed on their new computers. These people could not install the Windows operating system and device drivers needed if their lives depended on it. How the position of a computer based on Linux is quite different. This is a matter of time until the new computers are preinstalled with the Linux operating system. Imagine if Henry Ford had said not to build new cars since there were few good roads available in America. 4) My Computer Hardware Just running Windows 5) Again false in many cases and will soon be less of a problem as most computers in addition to those pre-installed with Linux operating system. Even Dell Computer (which was a loyal Microsoft) is the sale of notebooks based on Linux. Interestingly, the answer to notebook Dell Ubuntu Linux is quite positive, if you think that Linux hardware compatibility is an issue to try the new Microsoft Vista from your old product of Microsoft Windows. You find your little surprise that so little hardware is supported. You may have upgraded to Vista and found new, you have either no sound, good video or even Internet connections through your network adapter device or a wireless network adapter. And try to cancel your upgrade to go back to your version of Windows to work – it can not be done. Finally, you say that I may run Windows because all the programs I use are only available on the Windows operating system – since that is the dominant player on the market. You may as well assume that since Windows is the most dominant player in the PC market that OS software developers write their product almost exclusively for the Windows system and market operations. This is true. If you use a specialized product for your business, industry, situation or preferences that you may well be locked in. Ultimately most people buy and use computers for functionality and use. Most people use their computers to surf the Internet, communication – whether by mail or messaging services (MSN, Yahoo, Skype, Eyeball Chat), downloading and burning music and more in many cases to play nothing more than computer games like solitaire simple. In these cases, the functionality of Linux and its database program makes it easy for that purpose. Indeed many of the advanced programs and services out of left field by software developers and computer enthusiasts with a preference of Computer Operating System is guess what – Linux in its various forms. Retro Vintage Computer < / a> http://www. Badgerlinux. net Ubuntu Linux Resource Center (General)