Is there /usr/include/proc/readproc.h ?

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hi I am trying to compile a program that apparently looks for readproc.h , but this is not present on my system. Am I missing something? Is it supposed to be part of procps? I checked Debian and Arch and they both have a /usr/include/proc/readproc.h in libproc-dev and procps-ng packages, respectively. The program that fails to compile is UGENE. I was going to submit an update for my ugene.SlackBuild, but this may have to wait... The error that it gives is: p/moc/release -o _tmp/obj/release/AppResources.o src/globals/AppResources.cpp src/globals/AppResources.cpp:35:27: fatal error: proc/read (HowTos)