Is there anything faster than airolib-ng to generate pmk's?

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http://www.backtrack-linux.org – Hi there. I've been using the aircrack-ng suite to test my wireless network. Using the smaller wordlist's from g0tmi1k i wasn't able to do it, however i came accross a more sophisticated attack since it tests not only alot more passphrase's (aircrack-ng limits the wordlist to 2GB) it also does it a lot faster. Yep, airolib-ng is where all begins. By fiddling with it, i found that the amount of time to generate all the pmk's to 1GB+ wordlist is almost limitless... since PMK's are being generated at a pace of 150 PMK/s. Knowing that i'm using a quadcore workhorse rig, i can make that numb (HowTos)